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Sometimes It’s the Simple Things That Make Mother’s Day Great

Ask almost any mother what she really wants for Mother’s Day and you might find that it’s not necessarily gifts, flowers or dinner. Some of the best gifts for your mom may not cost anything at all.

Time Can Be The Perfect Gift

Young kids can be quite a handful and caring for them can be a rewarding, yet exhausting job. When The Today Show surveyed mothers on how they would like to spend their day, the results were evenly divided. Exactly half of the mothers that responded said they would most enjoy their day spending some time alone and having some extra time to themselves.

A few hours sleeping in, time to get caught up on some hobbies or just spending part of the day dedicated to doing nothing but relaxing can be a dream come true for mom. Let her have that time!

For Older Kids, Quality Time on Mother’s Day is Priceless

With adult children, the opportunities to spend good quality time with mom may be harder to come by. You may not realize how much mom would appreciate a day of visiting, talking and reconnecting. Whether it’s conversation over a game of cards, working out in the garden together or sharing some memories while preparing a mother’s day dinner, the time together is what she will treasure.

Great Ways to Spend the Day

Good Housekeeping has a terrific list of fun and thoughtful activities that you can do with mom. Remember, whatever the activity, it’s a celebration and a time to tell your mom how much you love her and how much you appreciate all of the things she has done for you.

Can’t spend Mother’s Day together? You can still let mom know that you are thinking of her. A delivery of flowers is always a nice touch, but a phone call will go a long way.