Install VZ Hang®

Let your creativity run wild. VZ Hang® Hooks install in just seconds and can be reused and relocated as often as you like!

Using VZ Hang® is simple! Gently wedge VZ Hang® into the seam of your vinyl siding or under your finish trim.

installing vz hang vinyl siding hook slide step 1

Step 1

Find the horizontal seam where two pieces of vinyl siding snap together.

gently wedge vz hang vinyl siding hook into seam of siding

Step 2

Gently insert the VZ Hang® vinyl siding hook into the seam.

press vinyl siding hook firmly into place

Step 3

Push the vinyl siding hook firmly into place. It’s now ready to use!

Instructional Video

Watch as we demonstrate how easy it is to quickly install and remove a VZ Hang® vinyl siding hook.

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