Frequently Asked Questions

Find helpful information below on using VZ Hang Vinyl Siding and Finish Trim hooks. Do you have a question that's not answered here? Contact us and we will be happy to provide additional information.

Q. How much weight will the VZ Hang® hook hold?

VZ Hang® hooks are very strong and will hold lightweight decor.

Q. Can I use VZ Hang® on any type of vinyl siding?

VZ Hang® hooks are designed for use on traditional, horizontal lap siding and may not work on other decorative siding styles such as shakes or scallops.

Q. Does VZ Hang® work on aluminum siding?

No, not at this time.

Q. How long does shipping take?

Shipping is done daily so you can expect your hooks in 3-5 business days.

Q. Can I hang a flower pot with the VZ Hang® hook?

When hanging a flower pot you need to account for the water weight. Usually the pot and water weight are more than 5 lbs so we do not recommend you hang a flower pot with the VZ Hang® hooks.

Q. How many lights will one package of VZ Hang® Finish Trim Hooks hang?

One package of VZ Hang® Finish Trim Hooks will hang approximately 14 ft. of lights by placing a hook every 2 ft. and securing the lights with a zip tie or bread tie through one of the holes on the hook.