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Inventors: Bring Your Big Ideas to Life

When Bill and Connie Larson developed their very first VZ Hang® Vinyl Siding Hook, it became clear that it takes more than just a great idea to be successful. Their company, Larco Products, will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, but getting to this point took a lot of hard work and a passion for their product. As inventors, Bill and Connie quickly had to learn about all aspects of their new business, including the patent process, sales, marketing, production and so much more.

Finding Help for Inventors

For inventors just getting started, the road from idea to marketable product seems very long and overwhelming. But there is help out there if you know where to look. A great place to start is by finding a local inventors group in your area. Larco Products, based in Big Rapids, Michigan, is active in inventors groups throughout West Michigan including the Grand Rapids Inventors Network.

These groups can be a terrific way to start networking with others who are just getting started and with business owners and consultants who have experience turning their ideas into reality. Creators can gather helpful and honest feedback on their product ideas.

Resources to Check Out

The Inventors Groups of America helps creative people find resources to develop their ideas and network with other inventors and professionals.

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