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Can I Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

Above: Dirty vinyl siding is cleaned with a Soft Wash cleaning method to remove dirt and algae. Photo courtesy of Roof Cleaner

Homeowners everywhere are starting to head outdoors and get their homes ready for the upcoming season. But before you start hanging your spring decorations with VZ Hang® Vinyl Siding Hooks, it’s a good idea to do some annual maintenance to the outside of your home.

Clean My Vinyl Siding

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to be the worst looking home on the block. Weather and the elements can take its toll on your home and it’s various exterior surfaces. Dust and dirt build up leaves your home looking worn and unattractive. But algae can also ravage your vinyl siding, creating green stains that will continue to grow and spread if left uncontrolled.

According to Roof Cleaner in Grand Rapids, MI, you may not want to pressure wash vinyl siding on your home. Pressure washers, or power washers, spray water at a very high pressure and are capable of doing damage to your home’s exterior surfaces. Pressure washers can chip or crack corners of vinyl siding and trim and even force water behind the siding which could lead to moisture or mold problems later on.

Soft Wash Instead of Power Wash

So if I don’t pressure wash my vinyl siding, how can I clean it? Roof Cleaner recommends a cleaning technique called Soft Washing, which uses a much lower pressure water spray that includes special detergents and cleaning solutions. Soft Washing gently removes dirt and kills the algae from the nooks and grooves in the face of the siding, leaving a brighter, cleaner appearance.

Contact your local home exterior washing company to find out if they offer Soft Washing to improve the look of your home and help extend the life of your siding and roof.