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The Party’s Over: It’s Time to Take Down the Tree

Larco Products wants to wish everyone a prosperous and happy 2020. But now that the holiday fun is winding down, the chore of returning the house back to normal begins. First item on the list? Taking down the tree and safely storing Christmas decorations until next year.

Before you start, think ahead about making next Christmas a little easier. Pack and categorize your decorations so you can conveniently sort through them next year. It might be tempting to just toss everything in a box quickly, but taking a little extra care now will save you headaches later.

Check Out Some of Our Favorite Ideas for Storing Christmas Decorations

Plastic Wreath Storage Containers

The wreath that you had hanging outside with your VZ Hang vinyl siding hooks looked great on the wall, but storing it isn’t so nice. A plastic case shaped specifically for wreaths keeps it stored neatly among your other boxes and provides protection for any lights or ornaments that you might have on it.

Electrical Cord Reels for Light Strings

We think almost everyone would agree that untangling strings of lights is probably the worst part of holiday decorating. But don’t let that stress you out next year. Cord reels are available at any home improvement store Tape an end of your light string to the center of the reel and wind up. What could be easier?

Box Up Your Ornaments with Egg Cartons

If they can keep an egg safe, why not the same for ornaments, right? If you’re looking for just the perfect container for your smaller round ornaments, you might already have one in the fridge. An ordinary egg carton can provide the compartments and cushion you need to keep your ornaments from crashing into one another while providing a sturdy “shell”. See an example of this and other ideas on A Cultivated Nest blog.