Mulching Versus Raking Leaves: Which is better?

Keeping the outside of your home looking so good is a worthwhile chore. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, decorating with VZHang® Vinyl Siding Hooks or planting a flower garden, it’s obvious that you take pride in where you live.

those big shade trees in your yard look great and add visual interest and character to your home. But during fall, those big trees drop lots of leaves, which could mean spending long hours during the weekend cleaning up your yard.

So, what is the best way to clean up all those leaves? Let’s look at mulching versus raking.

Mulching Leaves

Mulching leaves is much easier and can be done just by mowing the yard. According to an article in Popular Mechanics, mulching will can reduce leaves to about one-tenth of their original volume. Mulching mixes the grass clippings with the leaf particles, which can will boost the quality of the soil.

Though mulching leaves can be done much quicker, you have to ensure that you are chopping up the leaves into dime-sized pieces on a regular basis. According to Scotts, hese smaller-sized pieces are able to get into the soil more easily. Keep in mind that the presence of more than a quarter-inch layer of leaves can damage your yard as they block the sun and increase the risk of fungal disease.

Raking Leaves

Raking leaves may feel like a lot more work when compared to mulching. A giant pile of leaves creates the carbon-rich materials which is vital for composting. Raking leaves is probably a good idea if the leaves fall on your yard too fast, as mulching may not grind up the leaves enough or it may not be able to keep up with the leaves that are coming down too fast.

Raking leaves is always a tough and labor-intensive chore. Consider using a power-blower to help move more leaves with less effort. Leaf disposal can be a challenge. Do you have to pile the leaves on the side of the road to be picked up or you will have to bag them? If your area doesn’t provide leaf pick up, then you’ll have to find a way to dispose them of yourself. Bagging a large yard-full of leaves may be unrealistic.

Plan Ahead for a Great Spring Lawn

Whether you choose to mulch or rake, it’s important to ensure that your yard is prepared for winter. Don’t allow the leaves to stay on your grass all winter long as frozen or wet leaves will form a mat over your lawn, especially after they are buried under the snow. This can suffocate your lawn and increase the chance of developing fungal disease.

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